The Trainer's Guide provides a number of ways to use Working Life in anti-stigma training. The Guide gives facilitators questions to initiate discussion, linking the topics back to the stories in Working Life and the themes raised in the video interviews. Who might use the Trainer's Guide?

  • Managers of employment support and training programs
  • Managers in human resources
  • Administrators of benefit plans
  • Mental health service providers, policy and decision makers
  • Community economic development groups
  • Disability support groups
  • Human rights organizations.

The documentary, interviews, Trainer's Guide and other tools on this website can be utilized in:

  • Job and apprenticeship training
  • Orientation sessions for new employees
  • Education sessions for employees and managers
  • Lunch and learn
  • In-service and professional development
  • Board retreats
  • Career counselling at secondary, college and university centres.

Download the Trainer's Guide [PDF]

If you're planning to show Working Life to a group, you can order the DVD from this website.

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