Your contributions help us change the world, one documentary at a time.

With your help, we will be able to expand our reach and amplify the voices of more individuals and communities than ever before through our documentaries and community development work.

With numerous ways to give and a broad range of priorities available to support, your personal and meaningful donation to SkyWorks Charitable Foundation, in any amount, will make a difference.

Making a gift is a critical part of our core fundraising efforts, providing individual donors a way to support the SkyWorks missions, our community development work and infrastructure costs in our four priority areas:

  • Working with children and families as a force for social change
  • Promoting recovery by challenging stereotypes and systemic barriers with people experiencing mental health issues
  • Informing and supporting community engagement in health care policies and practices
  • Documenting barriers and exploring alternative approaches to accessing justice, preventing discrimination and ensuring fairness within the various legal systems (e.g. criminal, family, child welfare, welfare, housing, immigration, employment and labour) that structure the lives of persons belonging to particular marginalized communities.

Ways to Support SkyWorks Charitable Foundation:

Annual Giving: make a one time annual gift to support our mission, programs and core operational costs.

Monthly/Quarterly Giving

A convenient and automated way to support our work in installments.

Corporate Donation/Sponsorship

Contact us to have your company or corporation support our work and mission via a Corporate Donation or Sponsorship. We are able to recognize your company in a variety of ways that can be tailored to meet the needs of your corporation/company or organization.

Matching Gifts/ Employee Giving Programs

Does you company participate in a matching gift or employee giving program? Double or even triple the size of your gift to SkyWorks with a contribution made by your employer to match a personal gift.

Host a Special Event

We would love to work with you to facilitate and host a special fundraising event in which proceeds from the event are donated to support our work. Past donor special events have included Christmas parties, Curling Tournaments and special home screenings of our films.

Honorary Gift

Make a gift to SkyWorks on behalf of a friend or family member in lieu of birthday or Holiday gifts.

How to Give:

By Cheque, Visa or Master Card in the following ways

Online By clicking here for Canada Helps

By Phone 416-536-6581

By Mail

Downlaod our donation form here and mail to SkyWorks Charitable Foundation, 401 Richmond Street West, Suite 371, Toronto, ON M5V 3A8 Canada.