SkyWorks’ Real Change Youth Filmmaking Mentorship Program is a documentary training and community engagement program which supports youth, ages 14 – 21, to make their own films for positive social change on issues that matter to them and to their communities.

Partnering with community and educational organizations that work with youth, we work collaboratively to create workshop programs that provide youth with professional instruction in documentary researching, storytelling, production planning, shooting, sound recording and digital editing. Our programs typically include visits by guest filmmakers and community leaders, discussions about media and social change, as well as outings to film screenings and/or film production facilities where youth can see professional film and television productions in the making.

Youth filmmakers present their completed works at public screenings where they gain experience in facilitating discussions with audiences. Films are made available for public and educational viewing on SkyWorks web site and the internet.

Real Change supports youth to find their voices, speak out, tell their own stories, engage positively with their communities, develop confidence and leadership skills, and acquire practical skills that will open doors to further education and career opportunities in media, journalism, the arts, community leadership and related fields.


SkyWorks’ Real Change Youth Filmmaking Mentorship Program has been made possible with the support of:

The Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Toronto District School Board / Focus on Youth Toronto

Massey Stodgell Voices of Children Fund

The Jackman Foundation

The Lawson Foundation.