SkyWorks’ Real Change Boys Filmmaking Project is about issues facing boys and young men today:  cultural notions of gender and masculinity, social and peer pressures, stereotypes of boys and men in the media and popular culture, father-son relationships, the search for positive male role models and the desire to make a positive difference in the world.

During four weeks in July 2013, a group of young men, ages 14 to 21, met to talk about issues and challenges of growing up male in today’s world.  The participants selected their own topics and worked together to direct, shoot and edit five short documentary video projects.  The films were premiered to a packed audience at the Toronto Reference Library October 24, 2013. In the fall and winter of 2013-14, the filmmakers presented their films at Toronto Public Library screenings and schools in the Greater Toronto Area, where they facilitated discussions with other youth and adults about the issues raised in their films.

We hope these films - along with the films produced by the young women in our Real Change Girls Fiimmaking Project (2012) - will be used by youth, educators, and community organizations to encourage young people to talk about the restrictive gender “boxes” that society places them in, and the need for each of us to break beyond these boxes to reach our full potential.

To download an Educators and Facilitators Guide for the Real Change Boys Project, click here.


BOXED IN (8 min)
Director: Brandyn Pereira

What are the most common images of boys and men we see in movies, games and TV shows? What messages do they give boys about the kind of person they should be?


Directors: Samson Dannetta and Chancellor McGuigan

Young males speak candidly about the pressures they feel in transitioning from boys into men.


Director: Andrew Randall

Blending performance art with candid interviews, this film explores the pressures on men to “perform” their male gender to gain social approval and acceptance. Available for viewing soon


THAT’S MY BOY (10 mins)
Directors: Tristan Curl and Yassin Mahamed

Four men speak openly about the impact of not having their father present in their lives.


SOUL MODEL (14 minutes)
Director: Dante Louk

Hip hop artists talk candidly about their values as adult men, and their search for positive male role models in music and in life.

Real Change Boys Project Partners

The Real Change Boys Filmmaking Project was made possible with generous support from

The Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

The Lawson Foundation

The Davies Takacs Foundation

The Miner Family