To Hurt and To Heal photo

To Hurt and To Heal (1986)

Parts 1 and 2: Two films on ethical issues in neonatology and pediatrics.

The quality of medical care and the possibilities available through new and ever developing medical technology and skills have allowed children who would not earlier have survived illness or trauma, to recover. These children are the recipients of the best medical resources. Through these possibilities, we are seeing ethical dilemmas that have a profound effect on staff, patients and families.

The film package To Hurt and To Heal is intended to be a stimulating challenging and valuable teaching resource for health care professionals in teaching institutions and professional development programs. The films are produced in such as way as to be helpful and supportive also to the parents and families of children in medical crisis. We explore neonatal and pediatric dilemmas and document the manner in which staff and parents communicate, discuss and decide the issues at hand. The films do not advocate right or wrong answers to the questions posed; rather they are designed to raise questions and facilitate an understanding of the process of dealing with dilemmas.

"Now that medicine can do so much more for premature and very sick newborns, it behooves us to ask where its limits lie. To Hurt and To Heal is a gentle but unflinching reflection on this question by those who should know: parents, nurses, and doctors. It is a valuable film experience for health care professionals and particularly useful to educators."
- Dr. Ronald A. Carson, Director, Institute for Medical Humanities, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.