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Feedback from screening hosts and audience members Kids Care

"The underpinning of this film is peer support. That kids can help kids. And that in helping other kids, they help themselves. This film is honest, frank and has deep emotion. However, Laura Sky has certainly balanced it with laughter and acceptance. I have no problem endorsing it... in fact, I can't wait to promote it."
— Janelle Breese Biagioni, Victoria, BC

"For me its strongest message was one of hope following despair, laughter after tears, light following darkness, and the beginnings of new life following a death. Each of the young people travelled such different roads to reach that place of healing, and each one is still in a different place on that journey, yet each one had a different message to share with us. Watching them I believe that their message - told so simply- would be a gift for anyone journeying a similar path to receive. I applaud their willingness to open themselves to such vulnerability and to be so honest about their feelings. It was beautifully filmed and the questions so sensitively asked and then left to stand on their own. The answers were what they were and no attempt was made to manipulate or change them to the director's advantage. Please congratulate Laura Sky."
— Rev. Anne Germond, Sudbury, ON

"I feel that these children are excellent teachers and have given a real gift to those of us working in palliative care. I would recommend this film to everyone, but especially to those who have children, or who are working in a client situation where children are a part of a family."
— Alyson Miller, Coordinator of Volunteers Hospice Durham Newsletter

"What an absolutely beautiful film! I am so honoured to have had a part in this. Thank you. The message is clear ... the power of Kids Helping Kids. The young people so articulately speak their truths of serious illness, death and loss. Their genuineness allows their stories to be told with the honesty and range of emotion ... the realities of their lows and unexpected loneliness to the realities of their joys in being with each other. The young people related so well to one another and respected the differences of each other."
— Sheila Damore-Petingola, MSW, RSW Clinical Coordinator, Supportive Care Program and the Sudbury Genetics Counselling Services Coordinator, Supportive Care Regional Provider Network Sudbury Regional Hospital