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Household Work: More Than it Seems (2007) (Commission)

Household work, the mere mention of it makes some shudder and others yawn. Yet it is so much more than it seems.

There are different ways of estimating the economic value of household work. All of them agree that its value is very significant. Yet it is not part of national budgets, national policies ignore it, and even the people who do it rarely understand the value of what they are doing.

This DVD is based on a research project on unpaid household work and life long learning. The research gathered data through questionnaires, focus groups and individual interviews. Some of those who participated in the research project are part of this DVD.

The DVD consists of 4 thematic segments: "What's It Worth"; "More Than it Seems"; "Parents and Children"; "Barriers to Paid Work" plus 6 portraits. Each is a self-contained unit that can be used independently. A teachers' guide for use in classrooms is included on CD.

Commissioning Partner: Margaret Eichler (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education).

With the financial assistance of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.